DLE Technology

The direct laser engraving is one of the modern digital ways to get the digital image on the printing sleev or print roller. With direct laser gravure is the multi phase production of fotopolymer plates substituted by laser engraving or lasering the surface. After this follows the wasching of the sleeve/roller by water spray and a short draying proces.

The laser beam and the elastomer

GRAVITECH engraves with help of the laser beam from the data file into the flexo sleeve / print roller. With this method is direct laser engraving the only one production technology, where the print media / print form is prepared inmediatly for print after production.

The eleastomer ised for direct laser engraving is stabilised in the machin on an air mandrel and lasered by a laser beam, engraving away the non printing areas wit the laser. This engraved away material is extracted by an extraction system out of the engraving proces.

Environmental friendly production

This technology brings big advantages to the environmnet. In our country, the same like in the other world, we pay big atention to the enviromental questions. Our legislative forces the preprint production and printing facilities, to find new ways of preprint production with ekological frendly methods. As an example lets show the use of fotopolymer plates, with big consume of liters of dangerous chemistry every day, whitch is clasified as dangerous waste. This is not the case with direct laser gravure.

DLE Technology 7

Clean technology without secondary dangerous waste

Direct laser engraving is the only one method, what eliminates the use of dangerous foto materials and chemistry and with this conected dangerous waste liquidation. The waste after DLE is only safe burned down powder or dust. This dust is colected by an extraction system in our factory and burned down or deposit as non toxic materila in depos.

After DLE comes a water spray wash for cleaning finaly the printing surface and a short cyclus of drying. The used water is non toxic and after filtration reusable again or let into the canalisation. It apears no secondary waste, what shoud be dificult to licvidate. None part of the production proces or final product is enviromental unfrendly. The waste is only dust and water.

One of the biggest advantages of DLE is its high productivity , becose most of the elatomer plates / sleeves and rollers are inmediatly ready to print. Beside that this production can operate, nearly without mankind assistance, what alows the engraving of big jobs for example over over the night.