Commercial advantages / positives of directly engraved flexo sleeves

The market charakteristics is simmilar to other polygrafic productions. The reaction of the sleev and roller producer must be very fast and the supply must be realized in within several days from the order, what makes the logistics betwen the suplyer companies very dificult.

The elastomer producers are very often not in direct contact with the printing company.

Competitor advantages of GRAVITECH s.r.o.

  • packet product from one hand (we secure: prepres and data preparation -> sleev production – gravure – logistics – know-how and service).
  • the fast posibility of creative design artwork direct from our onside Artwork studio.
  • in the direct conection with the studio, laser and sleev producer we can supply free know-how.
  • we have a big stock posibility of diferent air mandrel diameters for sleev production and engraving of sleeves.
  • standard sleevs (EPDM, SBR, NBR, Hybrid) in the raw materials and laminate tubes on stock
  • interesting price / quality value, comparable with the flexo printing plate.
  • easy change to sleeves in your printing proces.

We are neighbours with the sleeve producer – we are able to react inmediatly on changes and accelerate your order

Throught logistical and technical closeness to the elastomer sleeve producers we have an indisputable competitor advantage and we are able to react in the most short therm from the order!

Advantages of GRAVITECH sleeves compared with the conventional flexoprinting form

  • high livetime (min. +30% higher), specialy with agresive UV and thinner collors
  • easy and fast instalation on the machine
  • seamles print
  • our delivery speed
  • minimum print dot gain
  • high collor stability
  • material resistance of sleeves against abrasion, collor agresivity, cleaners, etc.
  • high resolution up to 5080dpi and lineature over 200 lpi
  • edge sharpnes
  • setup of precise print register
  • ekological production